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Photo of Eleonora Micali
Theater & Dance

Una Donna Fantasiusa

Un nonologo

November 6, 2019
7:00 pm

Una Donna Fantasiusa – Un nonologo

Idea by/starring Eleonora Micali
Written and directed by Stefano Maria Palmitessa

A true story, where fiction is just background to scenes from real life narrated in this monologue or – better – a “nonologo” [Nonna-logue], as author Stefano Maria Palmitessa likes to call the memories, sensations, and jokes that the protagonist lived during her arduous childhood, spent alongside her gentle grandmother. “I was four years old when I decided I would become an actress. I have always had a lively immagination. I would enjoy making up stories with characters I would play, astounding my friends and relatives as they turned into the audience.” This is how Eleonora Micali – an actress from Lentini, Sicily – describes her first steps, that were then enriched by accumulated experiences during a long career of performing around the world, all told in this show, dense with literary transgressions, due to her distinctive fluency in many Italian dialects.

In ITALIAN and SICILIAN with ENGLISH supertitles.