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LGBTQ in Italian-American Theater

50 Years from the Stonewall Uprising and of LGBTQ Liberation

March 25, 2019
6:30 pm

Rainbow Jubilee is a series of three events that Casa Italiana put together with its theater company in residence KIT to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. The events will feature LGBTQ theater respectively from Italy (February 25th), the US (March 25th) and from the rest of the world (April 15th): three events of live performance to discover how much LGBTQ topics have been portrayed on stage and by what means.

How often are Italian-American LGBTQ stories told onstage in the U.S.? How do Italian-American authors and directors treat LGBTQ stories when they are actually produced and performed? How does the community (both Italian-American and LGBTQ) react to said stories? Find out with an evening of readings and a panel.

Curated by
Laura Caparrotti (KIT) and Frank J. Avella (Playwright, Director, Critic)

Historical Remarks:
Michael Carosone
Writer, activist, educator, editor and contributor to the book
Our Naked Lives: Essays from Gay Italian-American Men

Introductions to Italian American LGBTQ Theater: Frank J. Avella 

Scenes from Italian American LGBTQ plays:
Gemini by Albert Innaurato (Broaway production 1976)
Consent by Frank J. Avella
This Boy Cometh to the Mountain by Joey Merlo

Carlotta Brentan, Marc Lombardo, John DiMino, Brendan Daugherty, Alice Berrett

Panel discussion with:
Michael Carosone, Frank J. Avella, Franco D’Alessandro (Playwright), Joey Merlo
Moderated by Laura Caparrotti