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Web Series

Though live events in our elegant building are what we are best known for, we felt the need to create web-specific content that could reach out to a wider audience beyond the borders of New York City. Check out a single episode or binge an entire web series.
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Nuova York: Hidden in Plain Sight

Brought to life by Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, ‘Nuova York: Hidden in Plain Sight’ is on a mission to uncover and showcase the tangible traces of Italian presence in New York City, which boasts the largest Italian-American population in North America and ranks as the third-largest Italian population outside of Italy itself. Each episode of this series shines a spotlight on something special – be it a monument, a church, a store, a building, or even a street, answering those fundamental questions: when was it established, by whom, and why?

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Parole Parole

Parole Parole is Casa Italiana’s web series dedicated to the Italian language. Episodes feature special guests presenting an Italian word that is dear to them for literary, linguistic, historical, or purely personal reasons. Visit the Parole Parole YouTube channel to find all the currently available episodes.

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Canto Per Canto

“Canto per Canto: Conversations with Dante in our time” is a collaborative initiative of the Department of Italian Studies and Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at NYU together with the Dante Society of America, conceived during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in anticipation of the seventh centennial commemoration of Dante’s death in the year 2021. Members of the Dante Society recorded conversations with friends and colleagues on their favorite cantos, reflecting on what Dante has to say to us now, in our time. All 100 cantos of the Divine Comedy were published at a rate of two cantos per week over the course of a year, starting in September 2020.

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Italian Fashion From A-Z

If you’re interested in the history and development of the most renowned Italian brands, want to discover new upcoming designers, or are curious about Italy’s top fashion schools, “Italian Fashion From A-Z” is the video series for you. Each episode is dedicated to a different letter of the alphabet and features Grazia D’Annunzio, a University of Milan fashion professor, exploring its link to the history of Italian fashion.



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