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photo of Maria Rosaria Omaggio and Cristiana Pegoraro
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Oriana’s Words in Concert

A Tribute to Oriana Fallaci [In ITALIAN]

January 31, 2020
6:30 pm

Oriana’s Words in Concert
A Tribute to Oriana Fallaci

[Le parole di Oriana: Omaggio a Fallaci in concerto]

Written, staged and interpreted by
Maria Rosaria Omaggio

Cristiana Pegoraro, piano

Video editors: Carlo Fatigoni, Vincenzo Oliva
Lights and sound: Stefano Berti

During these turbulent times, much has been said and written about Oriana Fallaci. More than thirteen years after her death, her prophetic statements continue to be discussed. It is only possible to talk about Oriana Fallaci through her extensive work in order to have an objective picture of her complex and varied activities. Such an effort must be accomplished without neglecting the many facets of a strong and fragile character, indomitable and lonely, and as ironic as every Tuscan native.

After all, she herself wrote: «Only I can tell my story». Through her writings, narrated in the first person, Maria Rosaria Omaggio brings Oriana Fallaci back to life. Oriana discusses Oriana, she introduces herself in a sort of conference, revealing the intimate nature of her choices, even of her love disappointments that have inevitably marked her temper. The result is a portrait of an uncomfortable woman, with an unpredictable and multi-faceted personality with a surprising complexity, showing herself as aggressive and fragile, a generous and self- centered Tuscan, dark and witty, shy and wild at the same time. The script is accompanied by the magical touch of pianist Cristiana Pegoraro, who performs classical music pieces loved by the journalist, as well as her own original compositions arranged for the show.

Multimedia effects enhance the performance, illustrating the memories that flow through Oriana’s mind. The video sequence chosen by the director Maria Rosaria Omaggio, edited by Carlo Fatigoni and Vincenzo Oliva, not only allows the audience to enjoy Oriana’s story but also a History that concerns everyone.

«Journalism is an extraordinary and at times terrible privilege», Fallaci wrote, «not by chance, when I find myself going through an event or an important encounter, it seizes me like anguish, a fear of not having enough eyes, enough ears and enough brains to look and listen and understand».

The images and text from her later books, after the attacks of September 11, 2001, shake the audience for their prophetic insight.

This performance is an opportunity to really understand not only what Fallaci wanted to communicate, but also the many facets of her complex personality and of her tireless journalistic and literary activity. Fallaci’s era is over but the stories remain as vivid as her adventure-filled life.


Maria Rosaria Omaggio plays Oriana Fallaci in “Walesa, the man of Hope” film by the Polish Oscar winner Andrzej Wajda, a role for which she won, among others, the special mention of the Pasinetti Award at the 70th Venice International Film Festival and the Oriana Fallaci Award 2014. On stage she has thus given life to the unforgettable Florentine author, interpreting it through a script built on her words, verbatim drawn from her numerous works. She recorded the Italian audio book with the complete reading of “The Rage and the Pride” by “ Rizzoli Mondadori”. She is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and created the poetic, stirring performance on music “Chiamalavita”, dedicated to Child-Soldiers and based on texts and songs by Italo Calvino, a leading Italian author of the 20th Century. She also performed the show at the United Nations Auditorium in New York.

Cristiana Pegoraro is internationally acclaimed as one of the most gifted musicians of her generation. Her skills display great technical and interpretative abilities. The New York Times called her “an artist of the highest caliber”. She is founder and artistic director of the Narnia Festival and received the prestigious Bellisario Foundation Award for outstanding women. In this show she performs the music most loved by the great Florentine writer and her own compositions as well.