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Non volevo diventare un boss

A Conversation with "Gomorrah" Star Salvatore Esposito

February 4, 2019
6:30 pm

A presentation of:

Non volevo diventare un boss
(2016, Rizzoli)

by Salvatore Esposito with Diego Nuzzo

Author and actor Salvatore Esposito in conversation with Stefano Albertini (NYU) and Angela Vitaliano (journalist, Grazia).

Introduced by author Alessandro Iovino.

Salvatore Esposito became famous playing the role of Genny Savastano in the TV series Gomorrah. But who lies behind those cold and heartless glances? Perhaps someone who grew up in close contact with the degradation and crime represented on screen, thus offering such a convincing portrayal? In this book, Esposito decided to tell his story, because he feels that his personal life has something particular that can offer inspiration to everyone, especially younger generations. Salvatore was brought up without means and had to learn at an early age to take care of himself. However, unlike many of his peers, he stayed away from the easy earnings offered by the Camorra, turning his attention to school, honest work, and – after a while – an irrepressible passion for acting. At the time, Salvatore was working at a McDonald’s, but thanks to his determination, humility, and a dose of sacrifices, he was able to make his dream come true. Non volevo diventare un boss contains a very important and positive message to the younger generations: do not go looking for shortcuts, but pursue your passions. At the same time, the book is an homage to Naples, the city that gave him so much and that is many more things than its association with the Camorra: the kindness of its inhabitants, its music and theater, and the simple courtesy of a suspended coffee.

Coordinated by Rosario Procino and Alessandro Iovino.

Followed by refreshments provided by Ribalta.


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