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photo of Eleonora Francesca Cordovani, Chiara Durazzini, Rossella Mancullo, and Carmen Marsico
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Io mi canto da sola (I Sing My Own Song)

Performed by All'italiana - Italian Boston Theatre Company

March 7, 2024
7:00 pm

All’italiana – Italian Boston Theatre Company

Io mi canto da sola
Storie di donne mai arrese

[I sing my own song: Stories of women who never surrendered]

Io mi canto da sola is a series of monologues and songs about historical Italian women survivors of violence, abuse and patriarchy. The goal of the show is to raise awareness about the condition of women throughout history in a mostly male-dominated society. WARNING: Adult content and explicit language about violence.

Texts from:
Stai Zitta (2021) by Michela Murgia (1972-2023, writer, playwright and feminist activist)
The Rape (2009) by Franca Rame (1929 – 2013, actress, playwright and feminist activist)
Court deposition of Artemisia Gentileschi (1593 – c.1656, Baroque painter)
Court deposition of Gostanza da Libbiano (1535 – c. 1600, woman accused of witchcraft)
Le Beatrici (2011) by Stefano Benni (b. 1947, writer, poet and journalist)

Music performed by Carmen Marsico on voice and Björn Wennås on guitar (recording)

In ITALIAN with ENGLISH surtitles

Eleonora Francesca Cordovani, director and actress
Chiara Durazzini, actress
Rossella Mancullo, actress
Carmen Marsico, actress and singer

More info at:

Director’s note:
I started to work on this show many years ago, when I was still living in Italy. The idea came from Eve Ensler’s V-Day, an event I have taken part in with different productions. I thought that it would have been interesting to do something similar and specific to the Italian situation. In fact, Italy still has a high femicide rate, where the perpetrator is often a partner or a relative. Women in my family and myself have been victims of harassment and abuse. The process of finally giving life to this play has been long, sometimes difficult, and full of satisfaction as well. I am very proud of my team, and I deeply hope and think that, through art, we can heal ourselves and the world around us.

Eleonora Francesca Cordovani
Co-Artistic Director of All’italiana and Director of Io mi canto da sola – I sing my own song

All’italiana – Boston Italian Theatre Company was founded in 2019 and is affiliated with Pazzi Lazzi LLC under the artistic direction of Chiara Durazzini and Eleonora Francesca Cordovani. It’s the only Italian theater company in New England that performs exclusively in Italian and specializes in staging shows by Italian playwrights. The actors are mostly Italian and/or fluent Italian speakers. Some are theater professionals, while others come from widely different backgrounds, such as medical science, computer science, the arts and humanities. The company also runs theater labs where participants learn and practice acting through drama exercises and games, improvisation, and experimenting with theatrical plays, as well as a repertoire of shows in Italian.