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IBLA Grand Prize Winners

Celebrating 500 years since Giovanni da Verrazzano’s discovery of NY Harbor

May 6, 2024
5:00 pm


Celebrating 500 years since Giovanni da Verrazzano’s discovery of NY Harbor

Dear Friends,
Welcome to IBLA Winners Concert at Casa Italian Zerilli-Marimò as we honor the extraordinary talent of our IBLA GRAND PRIZE Winners on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Giovanni da Verrazzano’s discovery of what is today New York Harbor. We are elated in sharing these milestones with you! Thank you so much for joining us!

Julija Bal, Piano – SERBIA
Francesco Bravi, Piano Duo – ITALY
Maja GrujićPiano – SERBIA
Rika Ikeuchi, Percussion Duo – JAPAN
Yusuke Inada,
 Cello – JAPAN
Bogdan Jovanović
Cello – SERBIA
Ryu Minemura, 
Saxophone – JAPAN
Azusa Mori, Koto – JAPAN
Soohyun Park,
Alessandro Picciche’, 
Piano – ITALY
Alberto Pizzo, 
Piano – ITALY
Gabriele Ruggeri, Percussion Duo – ITALY
Adriano Leonardo Scapicchi, Piano – ITALY
Joung-yun Son,
Yuichiro Takeda, 
Piano – JAPAN
Midori  Umetsu, 
Soprano – JAPAN

The IBLA GRAND PRIZE International Music Competition is an annual music competition open to merely all instruments, vocalists and composers with a focus on classical music. Musicians are encouraged to present the music they love the most and that represents their music vision. The competition aims to nourish the career of the winners by offering an extensive international performance experience. This competition is different from most other music competitions in a way that there are no rounds or prizes such as a first and second prize, and competitors are judged against the international standard of high quality performances rather than competing against each other. From that perspective, there could be one, or many winners, depending on the performance quality level expressed by contestants. Participants play their program (or parts of it) multiple times, and whenever possible in multiple venues, from churches to theaters, villas and historical palaces. Every performance is being judged and counts for the final vote. The best performers will be invited for concerts abroad in such venues as Carnegie Hall. Besides the professional experience, the IBLA GRAND PRIZE offers a unique opportunity to meet and interact with fellow musicians from all over the world in the awe inspiring environment of a beautiful Italian baroque village of Ragusa Ibla, Italy.