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IBLA Foundation Winners

32nd Anniversary of IBLA Foundation

May 8, 2023
5:00 pm

On the occasion of the IBLA Foundation Winners recital at Carnegie Hall on May 9: click here for more info.

The IBLA Grand Prize International Music Competition has become one of the world’s cultural treasures. Held each year in early Summer in the magnificent southeastern corner of Sicily, in the quietly beautiful and charming Baroque city of Ragusa-Ibla, this competition has proven to be a consistent and world-class showcase for musical talent of the highest order. The competition’s founder, Dr. Salvatore Moltisanti, himself a pianist, has created an atmosphere that encourages openness to any and all forms of music, allowing presentations of all musical styles as well as instruments (this has included several types of jazz ensembles, domra virtuosos, accordionists, folk singers and many others from outside the classical mainstream, as well as instrumental and vocal performers of standard and contemporary repertoire), and creating a place where the ideas of wonderfully talented people can be nurtured in a spirit of international respect.


Salvatore Moltisanti, Artistic Director and Pianist
Julija Bal, Piano
Paolo Bruno, Piano
Tomohiro Iwamatsu, Guitar
Kodai Miyazaki, Bassoon
Anna Dorothea Mutterer, Violin
Oyundari Nandinjargal, Piano
Pablo Rossi Rodino, Baritone
Adriano Leonardo Scapicchi, Piano
Tatiana Studyanova, Piano
Shingo Sugio, Bass
Burentsogt Unenburen, Piano
Leon Watanabe, Cello