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History & Politics, Literature

Dante’s Ancestors

The Poets of the Sicilian School. Intertextuality and Multiculturalism

December 1, 2023
9:30 am - 6:00 pm

The event will also be broadcast live on our
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Presented in collaboration with
NYU Department of Italian Studies

International Symposium
Dante’s Ancestors: The Poets of the Sicilian School
Intertextuality and Multiculturalism

The Global Dante Project of New York, A New Cycle: Lyric Poetry

Maria Luisa Ardizzone, NYU

Sponsored by
Intesa Sanpaolo
Arnold Lisio ’56, ‘61 (MD) and Anne Moore Lisio, MD
Endowed Distinguished Professorship in Italian
Language and Culture Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
University of Rochester


Follow the event live here:

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Welcoming remarks

9:45am – Panel 1
Filippo Fabbricatore, CUNY

Donato Pirovano, Università Statale di Milano
“Ed io basciando stava in gran dilettamento con quella che m’amava, bionda, viso d’argento”. Eros e corporeità nei poeti della corte di Federico II

Maria Luisa Ardizzone, NYU
The Archimedean Point: Poetry as Logic and the Logic of Poetry in the Sicilian Lyric of the 13th Century

Davide Daolmi, Università Statale di Milano
On the alleged divorce of poetry from music (and how Dante got in the way)

– – 11:30am-11:45am: Coffee Break – –

11:45am – Panel 2
Leonardo Chiarantini, University of Michigan

Elena Lombardi, University of Oxford
The Siciliani and the Reader

Tristan Kay, University of Bristol
The Sicilian School in National Historiographies of Italian Literature

– – 1:30pm – 3:00pm: BREAK – –

3:00pm – Panel 3
Filippo Fabbricatore, CUNY

Isabelle Levy, Columbia University
Dante’s Jewish Ancestors: Tracing Jewish Poetics from ‘Adam’s Language’ to ‘Vernacular Eloquence’ and Back

Paola Ureni, CUNY
Medical Readings across the Poetry of the Sicilian School

4:15pm – Panel 4
Leonardo Chiarantini, University of Michigan

Marisa Galvez, Stanford University
Towards a more Global Dante: Revisiting Dante’s Lyric Tradition against Troubadour Lyric Activity

Closing Remarks

Donatella Stocchi-Perucchio, University of Rochester