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still from "Big Night" (1996)
Cinema, History & Politics, Italian American Issues

Big Night One, Two, Three

Notions of an Italian/American Identity

March 4, 2024
6:30 pm

Presented by the American Italian Cultural Roundtable
Bill Ronayne, President

Big Night One, Two, Three
Notions of an Italian/American Identity

A lecture and visual presentation by
Anthony J. Tamburri
Dean at the Calandra Italian American Institute

Please note:
This event is only open to members of Casa Italiana and the
American Italian Cultural Roundtable.


In his presentation, Prof. Tamburri will discuss the film Big Night (1996) from the perspective of identity. Through a comparative analysis of the three main characters (Primo, Secondo, and Pascal), we come to understand how Italian immigrants negotiated differently the challenges of the host country. Even of the same generation, we see how these three characters represent three different types of individuals, from one person to the next.

Anthony J. Tamburri is Dean of the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute of Queens College, CUNY, and Distinguished Professor of European Languages and Literatures. He has written over one hundred journal articles and book chapters and sixteen books and is also the host of Italics on CUNY Television.

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