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VERDI’S THIRD CENTURY: An International Conference


An International Conference
New York University, October 9-13, 2013
Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and the Humanities Initiative

As we approach the 200th anniversary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), interest in his operas remains undiminished. Verdi’s music continues to travel around the world in live performances and recordings, and new technologies–from the internet to high-definition simulcasts–have made opera accessible to broader audiences. The international conference Verdi’s Third Century: Italian Opera Today will bring together scholars, practitioners, and critics at New York University to discuss the circulation and perception of Verdi–and of Italian opera–in today’s world. A principal focus will be how Verdi’s works have been interpreted, imagined, and appropriated.

The conference program and other information will be posted on Casa Italiana’s website, as well as on the conference home page on August 27, 2013. For information please contact

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