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The Solitude of Prime Numbers


On March 23, Paolo Giordano, a brilliant young physicist who, all of a sudden, has become one of the most successful writers in the world with the publication of his first novel The Solitude of Prime Numbers, discussed his book with Antonio Monda (NYU professor and cultural journalist for La Repubblica).
Monda defined the novel “sincere, honest, intelligent, personal and painful” and discussed with the author about writing, literature, style and the intrinsic themes and motifs in his work such as the mathematical theory that serves as the main title and as an allegory of the characters.
Paolo Giordano presented himself with humour, wit and depth while recounting his “journey” to become an author, his life and his approach to this orginal piece and ideas within it. Stefano Albertini, the director of Casa Italiana, was excited by the possibility of bringing, through this event, more Italian books on the American bookshelves and introduced the fascinating and talented guest.


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