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The 1970s “Draw”


Rai Fiction Week 2010. On January 19 Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò presented the preview of the movie “Il Sorteggio”, directed by Giacomo Campiotti, with Giuseppe Fiorello, Giorgio Faletti and Ettore Bassi.

Director Campiotti and protagonist Fiorello, together with representatives of RAI Corporation, attended the screening in the full auditorium. The event was an opportunity for all those attending to reflect with consciousness upon the dramatic circumstances, dangers and fears that typified life in Italy during the 1970s, when the population lived under the menace of terrorist attacks by the Red Brigades. It was a dark parenthesis of Italy’s history that has divided both civil and political classes in opposite fronts.

The producers of the movie claimed to be proud to present it in New York. The audience showed interest in the issue and was moved by the brilliant interpretation by the actor. The movie still has no official broadcast date scheduled in Italy.

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