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Slide Show. “New Voices on Primo Levi” at Casa Italiana


October 26. The second part of the International Symposium "New Voices on Primo Levi", organized by the Primo Levi Center in NYC, was held at the Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò. The first panel of the evening "Primo Levi: Anthropologist of Normality" was introduced by Dario Disegni from the Centro Primo Levi in Turin and focused on a presentation of Levi by writer Ernesto Ferrero. The speakers of the second panel " Levi, Agamben, and the Era of Witness" were Marianne Hirsch (Columbia University), Debarati Sanyal (University of California, Berkeley), Thomas Trezise (Princeton University) and Manuela Consonni (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

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