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Post-Copenhagen at Casa Italiana


 Riccardo Lattanzi, Giorgio Einaudi, Tony Volpe and Federico Casalegno. Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at NYU had the honor of hosting four Italian scientists, who converged in the Big Apple to discuss about energy and the environment. The seminar, introduced by Einaudi, president of ISSNAF (the Italian Scientist and Scholars in North America Foundation), was part of a cycle of encounters set to explain the environmental problems linked with the Copenhagen conference and the existing projects with the objective of creating clean energy. “New technologies at competitive prices would certainly favor more investments in a rich country with a high propensity towards purchases like America”, declared Tony Volpe, Enel responsible for renewable resources in the United States. According to the numbers related during the conference, in spite of the missing signature to the Kyoto agreement and the reluctant attitude to compromise shown in Copenhage, the States in 2006 invested four times more in clean energy than the European Union. Even the Obama administration seems to be moving in this direction; this is demonstrated by innovative projects by Enel and Met, the Mobile Experience Laboratory, represented on this occasion by Federico Casalegno, present in at least twenty states. Connectivity, mobility, sustainability are the key words, upon which “developed” countries like Italy and the United States should focus their attention: “to increase the future generations in an eco-compatible system must become our objective” explained the experts.


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