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Opening of the exhibit “Homage to De Chirico”


The genius, the philosophical intuitions, the enigmatic style of De Chirico have influenced entire generations of painters and sculptors, resulting in currents such as Magritte’s Surrealism and touching the lives of friends and artists, from Guttuso to Seward Johnson, who were close to him. These inspired artists have then created their own works, re-interpreting their “master”, either by imitation, or by paying homage to a painting, or by portraying De Chirico himself, or by adapting his most important teachings and concepts. 67 artists are those that curators Gloria and Antonio Porcella  have put together in an exhibit that opened in 1975 in the Galleria Ca’ D’Oro in Rome, which was expanded in 2008, and now has been brought for the first time to the United States on tour (New York, Miami, Los Angeles) with the collaboration of Claudio Angelini, President of the Dante Alighieri Association.

At the opening of the exhibit in New York, at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at NYU on February 17, the curators were present as well as Mr Angiolini, many other interested guests and some of the artists themselves, such as Francesca Leone (daughter of director Sergio Leone). The event was well attended, the exhibit occupied the beautiful hallways of the Casa, plenty of great Italian wine was offered, and the organizers were as enthusiastic as the visitors.

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