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“Gli Anni di Piombo” remembered at Casa Italiana


 On April 5th, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò hosted the book presentation: EMPTY CHAIRS: The Seventies in Italy on the side of the victims.

The young Italian guests involved in the project explained that the book is the result of a long research carried out by approximately thirty high school and University students that approached one of the darkest pages of Italian history by meeting those who were hurt the most by the violence of terrorism.

The event was introduced by Casa’s Director Stefano Albertini, who gave the floor to editor Paolo Grigolli and some of the students. One at a time the young authors read excerpts from the dialogues they had with important witnesses of the Years of Lead, such as Mario Calabresi and Agnese Moro. After the reading the whole group from Trento went on stage and answered questions from the public.

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