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Director Albertini on the Pope’s Homage to Don Primo Mazzolari


Director Stefano Albertini writes and is interviewed about Pope Frances’s visit to the hometown of don Primo Mazzolari, a thorn in the side of the Fascist regime who, during the Resistance, was a moral guide and a logistical resource for the Partisans of his region, thus becoming a target of the Nazi-Fascists. His message couldn’t be more timely: “God doesn’t care about our skin color, language or religion, if we live on the equator or at the Pole, […] he looks only at the Human Being.”

i-Italy (English or Italian)
La Voce di New York (English or Italian)
La Repubblica (Italian)

Director Albertini interviewed on Radio InBlu (in Italian). Click here

Director Albertini discusses and reads Don Milani and Don Mazzolari. In Italian:


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