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Women in Italian Cinema: An Inclusive Project

Featuring a Panel, Two Shorts, One Feature, and Q&As

October 28, 2022
5:00 pm


In collaboration with
Women in Italian Cinema: An Inclusive Project


Accessible Filmaking
A brief introduction by Federico Spoletti, Sub-ti Access

Short Film Screening
BMM – Being My Mom
(Italy, 2020, 12 min.)
Written and directed by
Jasmine Trinca
In ITALIAN with ENGLISH subtitles for the hard of hearing and Audio Description

Short Film Screening
Il Moro (The Moor)
(Italy, 2021, 22 min.)
Written and directed by
Daphne Di Cinto
In ITALIAN with ENGLISH subtitles for the hard of hearing and Audio Description
Followed by a Q&A with the director

Women Equality in the Film Industry
Italian and American Experiences
Wilma Labate, film director and producer
Daphne Di Cinto, film director, screenwriter and actress
Antonietta De Lillo, film director and producer
Elisabetta Lodoli, film director and scriptwriter
Angela Prudenzi, film critic and producer
Federica Belletti, film producer
Moderated by Anne-Katrin Titze, film journalist
In ENGLISH with live subtitling

Film Screening
La ragazza ha volato (The Girl Has Flown)
(Italy, 2021, 93 min.)
Directed by
Wilma Labate
Written by
Wilma Labate, Damiano D’Innocenzo, Fabio D’Innocenzo
In ITALIAN with ENGLISH subtitles for the hard of hearing and Audio Description


WICIP, the first project for the international promotion of Italian cinema written, produced and directed by women, is officially launched. It includes the presentation of five films that are also available in versions accessible to the deaf and to the blind. WICIP was selected by the Italian Ministry of Culture as one of its Special Projects and has been conceived by Angela Prudenzi and Federico Spoletti. It is produced by L’Age d’Or in collaboration with Sub-ti Access. The project also promotes Italian women’s cinema in the academic world, with events aimed at students from various universities and film schools. Several screenings of film classics, also in accessible versions, are also part of the project. WICIP’s goal is to emphasie the importance of making films accessible to people with sensory disabilities according to the inclusivity standards now followed in many countries around the world. One in six people, at some point in their lives, will become sensory impaired; therefore, one of the primary aims of WICIP – in addition to drawing the attention of institutions, of the world of culture and entertainment and of audiences to female talent – is social inclusion. Thus, all the films will be fully accessible, with subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and audio descriptions for the blind and visually impaired, which will be downloadable onto viewers’ personal smartphones; a live subtitling service will be provided during panels for the benefit of deaf audences.

BMM – Being My Mom Synopsis:
In a baking hot day, along the streets of a deserted Rome, a young woman strolls endlessly with her young daughter while carrying a hefty suitcase. They move close, slip away, and overturn their natural roles. Suddenly a single gesture unexpectedly discloses the true love for one another. BMM – Being My Mom is a metaphorical walk in the existence of two women, a mother and a daughter, two simple characters, protagonists of their lives. We observe them with an accidental glance, creatures who participate in existence, inessential to the world, essential to each other. An investigation into the bright and dark paths of motherhood and every childhood.

Il Moro – Synopsis:
1529. There are three illegitimate men at the head of House Medici: Pope Clement VII, Alessandro de’ Medici and Ippolito de’ Medici. However, Alessandro is aware that he is the family’s plan B. His cousin Ippolito seems like the perfect option as the future leader of Florence, while he carries around the stigma of being “just the son of a slave”. Unexpectedly, a decision from the Pope changes the boys’ destinies and pits the two cousins against each other. Alessandro, forced to question his place, roots and identity, discovers the truth about his parents. Will he be able to fend off Ippolito’s attacks and demonstrate that his ‘low birth’ can go hand in hand with being the first Duke of Florence?

La ragazza ha volato – Synopsis:
The Girl Has Flown tells the story of Nadia (Alma Noce), a teenager from Trieste, where she grew up alone, completely immersed in a climate of inertia. The city is the hub of different cultures and it is there that the girl will be able to sweep away her own solitary character, just as the strong gusts of wind shake Trieste, reborn in a completely new and sudden way. One day, she agrees to take a walk with 18-year-old Brando. The boy abuses her and from that moment on, Nadia will have to cope for the rest of her life with the emotional and physical consequences of this rape.


WICIP is an inclusive project which provides accessible versions for all selected films, which will be shown in their original language with English subtitles that will include additional information for the deaf and hearing impaired (usually called SDH or captions). WICIP films are made accessible for the visually impaired, as well, through the EARCATCH app. Click here for more information.

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