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The Visit

In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY

May 8, 2024
8:00 pm

This event is part of
In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY 2024

The Visit
(Il colloquio)

Written and directed by
Edoardo Di Pietro

Performed by
Renato Bisogni, Alessandro Errico, Marco Montecatino

Assistant Director
Cecilia Lupoli

Costume Design by
Federica Del Gaudio

Martina Di Leva

Produced by
Collettivo lunAzione

Running Time: 60 min.

In ITALIAN with ENGLISH supertitles

The visit is inspired by the admission system for weekly meetings with inmates at the Poggioreale prison in Naples. The tragicomic show presents situations experienced by women queuing to enter prison: a perpetual wait in daring and tense conditions, which outlines a symbolic humanity, crushed by the apparent impossibility of change. The actors were an integral part of the creative phase through a stage writing process and by participating in a series of interviews with women who have experienced or are experiencing deep ties with the penal institution.