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Stories Without Borders

A Conversation with Igiaba Scego

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
5:00 pm


Stories Without Borders
A Conversation with Igiaba Scego

Igiaba Scego, writer
in conversation with
author Candice Whitney and Stefano Albertini (NYU)

The episode will be broadcast live on Casa’s Facebook Page and website

How does art bring together two African descendant women in Rome between the late nineteenth century and present-day? How do five characters with shared roots in Italy, Somalia, and Argentina experience the trauma of fascism and work towards healing? These questions are raised by Roman author and historian Igiaba Scego’s most recently published novels, La Linea del Colore and Oltre Babilonia. While cultural and linguistic mixing is a common theme in her works, Italy denies its colonial history in Africa. Italians also deny that the peninsula is tied to movements of people rather than representing one “pure race” and how race and racialization are at the core of the development of its national identity. Scego pushes the boundaries on what types of stories can be told and how characters cannot be limited geographically. Igiaba Scego, writer Candice Whitney, and Stefano Albertini will explore the impacts of colonial histories and ways to build new futures in the wake of global protests denouncing police brutality against black people.


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