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photo of Alessandra Belloni
Music, Theater & Dance

Rhythm is the Cure [Day 1 of 4]

Tambourine & Frame Drum Workshop with Alessandra Belloni

January 15, 2020
to January 22, 2020
6:30 pm

Rhythm Is the Cure
4-Day Hands-On Tambourine & Frame Drum Workshop

Taught by Internationally renowned singer and percussionist
Alessandra Belloni
REMO Signature Series Artist

Based on her book & DVD Rhythm is the Cure with Mel Bay Publications

The workshop takes place at Casa Italiana on:
Wednesday, January 15, 6:30pm
Thursday, January 16, 6:30pm
Tuesday, January 21, 6:30pm
Wednesday, January 22, 6:30pm

To enroll in this free workshop, please click here
Please note: Participants are REQUIRED to bring their own tambourine
Tambourines are also available for purchase by contacting Alessandra Belloni
(available choices here)


The purpose of this workshop is to introduce general audiences to a very rich tambourine and folk dance culture with an active current performance practice in Southern Italy.

Alessandra Belloni is very proud to be able to bring ancient female healer tradition back to life. She’s also a REMO Artist, with her own line of signature series tambourines made by REMO.

During the percussion workshop, the participants will learn:

* The basic technique of holding the drum, with emphasis on arm movement, wrist and elbow technique, which requires a lot of strength, to create the bouncing sound of the triplets.

* Hand technique with the palm and the fingertips in both a basic and accented fast 6/8 rhythm.

* Tammorriata: a 4/4 rhythm played on the large drum called the Tammorra, originally from Naples with a strong African influence in the rhythm.

* Tarantella alla Montemaranese: a carnival dance from Montemarano (Naples) played on the smaller tambourines with a very unusual syncopation in 6/8. This Carnival rite dates back to the Roman celebrations in honor of Bacchus, the god of wine.

* Rhythm of San Rocco: a healing trance 6/8 rhythm from Calabria in honor of San Rocco, dating back to the Middle Ages to dispel the fear of death from the plague.

* Pizzica Tarantata: a very fast 6/8 rhythm from Puglia, with different accents – which originated as music therapy to cure the mythical bite of the tarantula. This wild rhythm was played mainly by women on medium-sized tambourines with a double row of jingles as they frantically danced for days during the Summer Solstice.

Tambourine virtuoso/singer/dancer/actress Alessandra Belloni is renowned in her field and travels worldwide to perform group and solo concerts in theaters, universities, and international percussion festivals.   She is Artistic Director/Leading Performer of I Giullari di Piazza, an ensemble of musicians/vocalists/dancers that specializes in authentic Southern Italian music and theater events, dating back to the 13th century.  She is the author of the new book “Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna,” released in March 2019 by Inner Traditions, No 1 on Amazon news releases under Folk Dancing.   Belloni is a REMO artist and designer of her signature series of Italian tambourines; she is also author of the book & DVD “Rhythm is the Cure,” published by Mel Bay.   Recepient of the NYSCA grant as Master Folk artist 2016 & 2018. The only artist in the world who specializes in Southern Italian tambourines combined with singing and dance, Belloni was selected as one of the best percussionists in the world by DRUM! Magazine, and has been acclaimed in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, featured in Modern Drummer and Percussive Notes.   She has been invited to appear in percussion festivals in London, Brazil, Poland, France, Italy, Australia, Rome, and throughout the U.S. Recently hired as consultant for the Broadway Production of the ROSE TATTOO  starring Oscar Winning Actress Marisa Tomei, presented by the Roundabout Theater Company.