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Federica Lecca plays the Launeddas.

Launeddas (triple clarinet) – Sardinia

"What Makes It Italian?" Gli Strumenti

November 15, 2022
6:00 pm

“What Makes It Italian?” is a music listening and discussion group that meets online on the Zoom platform and is open to everyone.
Participation is free.
The group is led by Gina Crusco, who guides listening at Bard LLI and Riverdale Y, and who has been music instructor at The New School and director of Underworld Productions.
Please email to confirm your attendance and receive an invitation link.

How can you breathe in and out at the same time? Ask a Sardinian player of the triple clarinet – launeddas – who must master that art! Of ancient origins, it is now played as a folk instrument, and – because its repertoire is improvisatory – as a jazz instrument as well.

This Fall we listen to music played by the instruments of Italy – and the vocalists they inspire – visiting regions from Sardinia to the Tyrol. Many of these instruments have been preserved in their early forms by isolated traditional cultures, and only recently have come to light for us to enjoy.