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Art, Cinema, Literature

Il Fauno (Febo Mari, 1917)

Presenting "Screening Statues: Sculpture and Cinema"

October 19, 2018
6:30 pm

Screening of:

Il fauno [The Faun]
(Italy, 1917, 70 min.)
Silent with English intertitles
Restored in 1994 by the Cinemathèque Royale Belgique (now Cinematek), from original nitrate prints from the Cineteca Friuli and the Museo Nazionale del Cinema Torino.

Directed, written and starring Febo Mari

Featuring live accompaniment by Tal Shtuhl

Introduction by author Vito Adriaensens (Columbia University), presenting Screening Statues: Sculpture and Cinema (2017, Edinburgh University Press) co-authored with Steven Jacobs, Susan Felleman, and Lisa Colpaert.

Screening Statues: Sculpture and Cinema is the first book to focus on the relationship between sculpture and the silver screen. It covers a broad range of magical, mystical and phenomenological interactions between the two media, from early film’s eroticized tableaux vivants to enigmatic sculptures in modernist cinema. Sculptures are literally brought to life on the silver screen, while living people are turned into, or trapped inside, statuary. The book examines key sculptural motifs and cinematic sculpture in film history through a series of case studies and through an extensive reference gallery of 150 different films. Considering the work of directors like Georges Méliès, Jean Cocteau and Alain Resnais, as well as films like House of Wax, Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans, this is an innovative exploration of two different media, their artistic traditions and their respective theoretical paradigms.

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