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Grande Karma

In the Footsteps of Forgotten Author Carlo Coccioli

Thursday, November 5, 2020
5:00 pm


Grande Karma
In the Footsteps of Forgotten Author Carlo Coccioli

Stefano Albertini, Director, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò
Michael F. Moore, author, translator
in conversation with
Alessandro Raveggi, author, NYU Florence

The episode will be broadcast on Casa’s Facebook Page and website

Casa Italiana Director Stefano Albertini and translator Michael F. Moore discuss the legacy of controversial writer Carlo Coccioli (1920-2003) with Alessandro Raveggi, author of Grande Karma: Vite di Carlo Coccioli (Bompiani, 2020).

Following the great success of Piccolo Karma will we finally get to read the mysterious Grande Karma? Author and critic Walter Siti wrote: “One of the most striking elements in Coccioli’s narration is the genuine authenticity with which he refuses the idea of a literature independent from life.” In such a spirit Raveggi has chosen to tell us about the writer through the story of his own life, recounting the adventures of a young researcher who chases his traces around the world. Coccioli was a very original author who wrote in Italian, Spanish and French, a partisan, an animal rights guru, the first one to openly speak about the challenges facing homosexuals in Catholic Italy. Close to Malaparte and Cocteau, he was a finalist of the Premio Campiello. Perhaps it was the multifaceted nature of his genius which caused his fall into oblivion. Travelling between Mexico, Paris and Florence, and above all, on the fine line between reality and fiction, this book uses the instruments of art to explore the enigma of one of the most menacing and fascinating intellectuals of the twentieth century.


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