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Art, Cinema, History & Politics, Italian American Issues, Literature

Far from Us [Via da noi]

(Enrico Ventrice, 2018)

November 7, 2018
6:30 pm

Via da noi [Far from Us]
(Documentary, Italy, 53 min.)
In ENGLISH and ITALIAN with English subtitles

Produced by Global Vision Group
in collaboration with Rai Cinema

A film by Elena A. Perazzini
Directed by Enrico Ventrice

Followed by a conversation with Elena A. Perazzini. Moderated by Paolo Pellecchia (CUNY). With the participation of Gianluca Galletto (DG Advisors), scientist Alessandra Luchini, researcher Roberta Marongiu, and artist Paolo Pelosini.

The documentary Far from Us exposes a culturally updated version of the American Dream as it traces the journeys of six Italians who chose to live, work, and put down their roots in the United States. The stories capture the tribulations of people from all walks of life; those who saw a departure as their only chance for a better future, and those who moved to reap the benefits of fields where Italians have historically excelled. Success and hardship, expectation and disappointment, opportunity and sacrifice weave through the stories and all their contradictions. As the protagonists struggle to comprehend and adjust to the differences between the Italian and American cultures, they afford uncommon perspectives of their native country seen from a distance. 


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