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A Story of Censorship in Italian Theater

February 6, 2024
5:00 pm

Zoom Lecture Series

On the Italian Stage is a series of encounters conceived and led by Laura Caparrotti (Artistic Director, Kairos Italy Theater) that journeys into the history of Italian theater to explore its language, and its contribution to Italian society and world theater.
Participation is free. RSVP is MANDATORY. The Zoom link will be provided on the day of the event.
Please note: Casa Italiana hosts but does not interfere with the programming choices of the lectures. For all information, please contact the coordinator of the lecture series, Laura Caparrotti, at


Censorship has been imposed on theater for a long time, for reasons ranging from political to ethical and religious, or due to societal changes. While political censorship is easy to detect, there are other forms of censorship – or different points of view – on plays that are due to the passing of time and changes in perspectives. As KIT – Kairos Italy Theater – is currently working again on Machiavelli’s La mandragola (The Mandrake Root), this encounter will examine the possible challenges of staging this play in 2024 with examples of what happened to other plays in the past as a result of changes in the times. The history of censorship in Italy will also be examined to give a sense of what changed and what (if anything) has remained the same.