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Italian HUB and i-Italy Network have connected with renowned advertising creative from Milan, Pasquale Diaferia, to launch the #StandUpforItaly social media campaign.

The #STANDUPFORITALY project crosses the issue of the #Coronavirus pandemia and the role of Italy in the eyes of the world.
We are aware that in recent weeks there have been serious communication problems regarding the global image of Italy. That’s why we set to create a “bottom-up” task force to reverse the trend.

#STANDUPFORITALY is a “viral antivirus” campaign. Our Italian antivirus!
We are asking American and Italian personalities residing in the USA, esteemed opinion leaders and influencers, to create a 20- second video message with their mobile phone.
And of course, you all may follow suit if you wish — post your own video messages for Italy at #STANDUPFORITALY

#STANDUPFORITALY will send an unequivocal message of trust in Italy and its ability to make it — as well as a warm appreciation for the founding values ​​of “being Italian”, in particular the centrality of human relationships.


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