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Part of Rainbow Jubilee: 50 Years from the Stonewall Uprising and of LGBTQ Liberation

Curated by
Laura Caparrotti (KIT) and Frank J. Avella (Playwright, Director, Critic)

Historical Remarks:
Michael Carosone
Writer, activist, educator, editor and contributor to the book
Our Naked Lives: Essays from Gay Italian-American Men

Introductions to Italian American LGBTQ Theater: Frank J. Avella 

Scenes from Italian American LGBTQ plays:
Gemini by Albert Innaurato (Broaway production 1976)
This Boy Cometh to the Mountain by Joey Merlo

Carlotta Brentan, Marc Lombardo, John DiMino, Sandy Doria

Panel discussion with:
Michael Carosone, Frank J. Avella, Franco D’Alessandro (Playwright), Joey Merlo

March 25, 2019

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