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Casa Italiana Zerilli‑Marimò

Casa is a place for dialogue, where cultures intersect and common ground is found

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at New York University is a physical and virtual space for dialogue between Italy and the United States that offers a program of free events, open to everyone, on all topics related to Italian culture. All activities of Casa Italiana are supported through the Baroness Zerilli-Marimò Endowment Fund.

What We Do


Concerts, screenings, art openings, conferences: explore hundreds of free public events on Italian culture throughout the academic year.

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What We Do


Dive into the world of Italian books, music, theater and more on a regular basis by joining one of our clubs.

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What We Do


Discover the documentaries, series, festivals, and publications commissioned and produced by Casa Italiana.

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Cultural Diversity

At Casa, cultural diversity takes center stage

For centuries, the raw power of Italy’s cultural legacy, with its scope and impact, has transcended geographical borders. Likewise, Casa Italiana’s programs reflect the diversity and coexistence of many different cultures within and beyond what is traditionally considered Italian.

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A surreal library scene with endless bookshelves extending infinitely. The shelves are filled with neatly arranged books, and the perspective lines converge towards a bright, glowing vanishing point, creating a futuristic, dreamlike atmosphere.


Casa films and photographs most of its programs. These rich archives are available for free together with an ever-expanding array of web series.

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By becoming a member you have the possibility to reserve seats at our events while helping to maintain them free and open to the public.