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Laboratory Italy

Thu, 11/03/2022 - 6:30pm
Revolution and Civil War in Italy in the 1970s
“Convengo contro la repressione, Bologna 1977” photo: Tano D’Amico

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Laboratory Italy
Revolution and Civil War in Italy in the 1970s

A lecture by
Michael Hardt, Duke University

Introduced by
Vincenzo Binetti, Visiting Professor at NYU


This lecture is part of a larger project that argues for the relevance and importance of the progressive and revolutionary movements of the 1970s in various parts of the world for our current political situation.  This presentation will analyze the shift of revolutionary movements in Italy from a focus on industrial workers as the central protagonists of struggle in the early 1970s to networks of diverse protagonists later in the decade.  These movements experimented with the means to link together a multiplicity of struggles, including feminists, students, industrial and public-sector workers, unemployed and precarious workers, gay liberation movements, and others, each of which strove for liberation on its own terms.