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GianLorenzo Bernini David 1623–24/John Riley Portrait of Bridget Holmesby 1686
Art, History & Politics, Music, Theater & Dance

Late Seicento: Rome & England

What Makes It Italian? Studies in Contrast

April 5, 2021
6:30 pm

The dazzle and surprise of the Roman Late Baroque seem to inflect art across Europe, even the reserved British.
Italian pairing: Carissimi’s Jephte and the spiraling sculptures of GianLorenzo Bernini bring grandeur and pathos.
British pairing: Music and art face mortality in Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas and portraits of John Riley.

What Makes It Italian? Studies in Contrast is a music listening and discussion group that meets online on the Zoom platform and is open to everyone.

Participation is free.

The group is led by Gina Crusco, who guides listening at Bard LLI and Riverdale Y, and who has been music instructor at The New School and director of Underworld Productions.

Please email to confirm your attendance and receive an invitation link.

What seems indescribable in music often becomes easy to name in the visual arts. So this series for the first time offers much to see as well as to hear. Each week an Italian pairing of music and art is held up against a similar pairing from elsewhere. Noting how the Italianate aesthetic contrasts with England, Spain, France, the Low Countries, Austria and the US will help us define more clearly “What Makes it Italian.”