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Alessandra Belloni in Sicily
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Black Madonna Pilgrimage

Concert Celebration and Christmas Party

December 13, 2023
6:30 pm

Internationally renowned singer, percussionist, teacher
Alessandra Belloni
Author of Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna

together with
I Giullari di Piazza
Italian Music and Dance company

Present the short film
Black Madonna Pilgrimage & Summer Solstice Musical Celebration in Sicily
(2023, Italy, Documentary, 23 min.)

Filmed, directed, and edited by
Francesco Piccolo

Produced by Alessandra Belloni & The Black Madonna Center

Preceded by a Santa Lucia celebration performance of Sicilian folk music, featuring:
Alessandra Belloni, artistic director, vocals & percussion
John La Barbera, music director, guitarist & composer, chitarra battente & mandolin
Steve Gorn, bansuri flutes, saxophone & clarinet
Wilson Montuori, guitar
Joe Deninzon, violin

With the participation of special guests from the Sicilian group Sudcantica joining via Zoom


Following the performance:
A Christmas celebration with refreshments

Embark on a mystical journey of initiation, transformation, and empowerment with award-winning musician and author Alessandra Belloni as she unveils the healing powers of the Black Madonna and the music traditions of Sicily in stunning locations by the sea and on sacred mountains with ancient Megaliths and giant sculptures of the Earth Mother. Based on Belloni’s best-selling book Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna, published by Inner Traditions, this short documentary opens a portal into the sacred sites of the Island of Sicily known as the Island of Demeter and Persephone – and the ongoing worship of the Earth Goddess and the African Mother as the Black Madonna. Through footage of ancient rituals never seen outside of Italy, Belloni reveals the healing traditions from Magna Grecia (ancient Sicily) that are still alive today and just as powerful as they were millennia ago.

This powerful journey will introduce and transport the audience to a time and place where an unbroken and ancient tradition continues today with folk music, processions, devotional drumming, and dance, sharing the field research by Alessandra Belloni recorded during the most recent pilgrimage in Sicily that took place in June 2023. We will also watch the participants and students from different parts of the world as they learn the unique Sicilian tambourine technique combined with sacred chants of the Black Madonna taught by Alessandra and members of SUDCANTICA and let go into the ecstatic dace of the tarantella. The film presentation blends Sicilian musical traditions with sacred locations in Sicily.


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