February 20, 2018
(06:30 PM )

Book Presentation: GRANDANGOLO (with author Simone Somekh)

Grandangolo (Wide Angle)
(2017, Giuntina)

by Simone Somekh

The author in conversation with Jane Tylus, Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature at New York University.

Grandangolo (Wide Angle), the acclaimed debut novel by Simone Somekh, is a coming-of-age story about an ultra-orthodox teenager who discovers the world through the lens of his camera. The book, published in Italian at the end of 2017 by Giuntina, was praised by all major Italian media, including Vanity Fair, La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera. Grandangolo is currently being translated into French by Mercure de France.

It takes courage to grow up, but it takes even more courage to forsake your past. Especially if you’re Ezra Kramer, a boy born and raised in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Boston, who’s eager to explore the world through the lens of his camera. Ezra’s story is about discovery and emancipation, both religious and sexual, through different and distant worlds—Brighton’s ultra-orthodox community, New York’s fashion photography business, Bahrain’s Arab Spring, and Tel Aviv’s free and transgressive cluster. During his journey, Ezra will run into several peers, each with their own story, and each fighting for their own personal fulfillment. Some will pass without leaving a mark, others will instead become brothers to him—because, just like him, they faced the toughest of all challenges: leaving their families behind in order to earn their freedom.