October 05, 2015
(06:00 PM )

DIFFRACTION Exhibition Opening and THE FAT MAN ARPEGGIOS Book Presentation

Works by Lucio Pozzi

The Diffraction paintings are small works on board Pozzi started about 4 years ago. In each he improvised, adding freely brushed demi-gloss acrylic areas onto a ground of matte ‘flashe’ vinylic gouache. The image is divided horizontally in two fields separated by a sharp edge. Each field has a mark obtained by painting over a narrow masking tape line, the removal of which reveals a bar of the same color as the ground’s. The lines don’t meet, yet respond to one another. The infinite variations offered by this simple format have led the artist to ceaselessly return to the theme every so often.  

The Fat Man Arpeggios
(2015, Guernica Editions)
by Pellegrino D'Acierno

In The Fat Man ArpeggiosPellegrino D'Acierno presents a ludic portrait of the Fat Man -- a metaphysical dandy and “foolosopher” -- who voices, through the lightness of arpeggios, his existential and amorous dilemmas.

Lucio Pozzi has illustrated the book with 36 drawings in black-and-white that interact with the poems in all sorts of wild ways. He will join D'Acierno to discuss the dialogue between poet and visual artist that is embedded within The Fat Man Arpeggios.


Exhibition on view through October 22, Mon-Fri 10-5