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Purgatorio 24: Good Friends discussing a Brand New, Inspired Poetry

Federica Anichini (NYU Florence)
in conversation with
Stefano Albertini (NYU)

Inferno 19: Prophets and Forgers

Beatrice Arduini (University of Washington)
in conversation with

Paradiso 22: Looking back at History and at Home

Alex Cuadrado (Columbia University)
in conversation with

Purgatorio 26: Poets, Echoes and Ambiguities on the Terrace of the Lustful

Elena Lombardi (University of Oxford)
in conversation with

Inferno 18: Sins Worse than Murder: Pimping and Bootlicking in Malebolge

Deborah Parker (University of Virginia)
in conversation with

Paradiso 25: Hoping in heart, body, and community

Lisa (Elisabeth) Trischler (University of Leeds)
in conversation with