From the moment of its foundation, the ground floor of Casa Italiana has served as an art gallery where exhibi-tions of photography, paintings, design, and sculpture are displayed each month. Its elegance and wonderful light-ing, and its location in the heart of Greenwich Village, a few blocks from SoHo and Chelsea in either direction, makes our gallery a greatly coveted and prestigious exhibition space.

An artistic committee meets annually to review the exhibi-tion proposals of various artists and organizes an exhibi-tion program that represents a diverse array of contem-porary artistic expressions. Italian artists have the chance to gain access to the difficult and vivacious artistic world of New York. Italian American artists have the opportunity to present works in which their cultural roots can be traced while American artists have the opportunity to present their vision of Italy and show the influence that a secular artistic tradition has had in their artistic formation.

Recently the anthological exhibition "Gerardo Dottori - Futurist and Aero-Painter" brought to the US for the first time the works of one of the most original painters of the 20th century. The paintings of this artist from Perugia were accompanied by autobiographical paintings from Marinetti, Balla, and Boccioni. TuIlio Pericolo presented his portraits of intellectuals that were rendered famous by Italian print media and by the most sophisticated American journals and magazines. The pic-tures of Luigi Ghirri delineated the almost surreal land-scape of the Po Valley.